About Me

My name is Allison and I am very passionate about art but also ceramics, I hope you enjoy my work!


Having a BFA in sculpture from OCADU I am well versed in conceptual art. Understanding the gallery system means that I create art in reaction against this system with cheeky satire. I think art should be for everyone, everyday. I took one ceramics course many years ago, and I have been hooked ever since. Ceramics has allowed me to create functional pieces for the home, and since I want to inject the art into the everyday it is now my medium of choice. I think making functional pieces rooted in conceptual thinking allows art to be injected into the everyday and accessible to all. 

My work is inspired by the environment around me. Since living in Toronto my work has shifted from the reflection of a natural environment to the identity of an urban one. Furthermore, where is the boundary between natural and urban. In my mind there is not one. The line is inherently blurred, and my work represents that muddiness.

Using satirical imagery to comment on mans relationship with nature , allows my work to be relatable and accessible. Forcing art objects into the every day is such an important part of making and I do this by creating functional and affordable artist multiples.